Proofgold 0.2.1(rc3)

by BlakeKeiller, Monday, December 07, 2020, 15:10 (363 days ago)

Here is a new release candidate for 0.2.1:

This should be the final version unless a serious problem is found. I expect to release the "official" version of 0.2.1 this week after completing some final tests.

A number of improvements were suggested by some third parties. I don't know if I have permission to give them credit, so I'll wait to see if they want to take credit.

There are many changes and I'll briefly list the main ones and then describe them in more detail in replies below.

1. The new reward bounty fund activated by the hard fork will be via a smart contract with a veto clause.

2. The client is being rebranded as "Proofgold Core" opening the possibility of having other clients by distinguishing between the network with the client software.

3. There are new configuration parameters affecting how much memory is used.

4. There are new commands for automatically swapping proofgold bars with litecoin.

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