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by Brown, Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 17:01 (354 days ago)

I'm releasing a new version of Megalodon:

In examples/form100p1 there are several variants of conjectured versions of the theorems from the "top 100" list:

One (induction) has already been proven and published into the chain. I proved three others and am in the process of publishing those proofs into the chain. I've conjectured (but not proven) several variants of 14 others. (That leaves 82 of the 100 yet to be formulated in Megalodon.) The variants of the 14 could be good targets for reward bounties.

Here's a summary from examples/form100p1/README:

1: Irrationality of Square Root of 2 (conjectured in 11 variants)
2: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (conjectured using abstract complex numbers)
3: Denumerability of Rational Numbers (conjectured in 10 variants)
7: Quadratic Reciprocity (conjectured)
10: Euler's Generalization of Fermat's Little Theorem (conjectured in 2 variants)
11: Infinitude of Primes (conjectured in 6 variants)
16: Insolvability of General Higher-Degree Equations (conjectured in 4 variants)
19: Four Squares Theorem (conjectured in 5 variants)
20: All Primes (1 mod 4) Equal Sum of Two Squares (conjectured in 2 variants)
* 22: Non-denumerability of the Continuum (conjectured in 18 variants and proven in 3 variants)
23: Formula for Pythagorean Triples (conjectured in 2 variants)
* 25: Schroeder Bernstein (conjectured and proven)
31: Ramsey's Theorem (conjectured)
33: Fermat's Last Theorem (conjectured in 2 variants)
44: Binomial Theorem (conjectured in 8 variants)
* 52: Number of Subsets of a Set (conjectured and proven)
* 74: Mathematical Induction (easy, proven in two forms)
80: Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (conjectured in 2 variants)

Let me know if anyone has questions or comments.

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