Proofgold Core 0.2.2 / Atomic Swaps

by BlakeKeiller, Saturday, January 02, 2021, 13:12 (337 days ago)

Here is Proofgold Core 0.2.2:

There are only a few changes from 0.2.1. Most of these changes are bug fixes to the swapping code. For example, the price of a sell offer for a node was being represented as floats and a side effect was that when stopping and restarting the node the price would decrease slightly due to approximation issues. It's now being saved as an int64. Also there was a bug when a sell offer was matched. Instead of removing the sell offer after matching it would actually remove every other sell offer.

If you aren't using the swapping code from 0.2.1 it's not vital to update to 0.2.2.

If you are using the swapping code from 0.2.1, I'd recommend calling "cancelswapselloffers" before upgrading and then using "createswapselloffer" to recreate your sell offers after upgrading.

If you want to have your node participate in atomic swaps, you need to add


to your proofgold.conf file.

The relevant commands are:

selloffers (prints the local sell offers of the node)
buyoffers (prints all known buy offers seen by scanning the ltc chain)
matchoffers (shows current match offers as seen by scanning the pfg chain)
swapredemptions (shows swap redemptions in progress)

createswapselloffer (create a local unadvertised offer to sell some pfg bars for litecoins)
cancelswapselloffers (delete all local sell offers of the node)
createswapbuyoffer (make a special ltc tx that offers to buy some pfg bars for litecoins)
cancelswapbuyoffer (cancel a specific buy offer -- this spends the ltc utxo created by createswapbuyoffer back to yourself)
scanforswapbuyoffers (this isn't needed but can scan back in the ltc chain some number of blocks in case there was a buy offer missed or created before the node started swapping)

There is more information about each command available by using help with the command.

I've been trying to keep at least one sell order for 10-100 pfg bars at a price of 0.00015 litecoins (which was about 1 eurocent per bar, but maybe now it's more like 1.5 eurocents) as a "faucet." Going through my debug.log file I see 3 atomic swaps that have happened resulting in roughly 290 bars being swapped for about 0.04 ltc.

I'm now switching to a default sell offer of 1-10 bars at a price of 0.0015 as a "faucet." I'll make other sell offers and look to manually match buy offers I see depending on how I feel at the time.

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