New Bounties

by BlakeKeiller, Sunday, January 17, 2021, 11:05 (322 days ago)

I distributed 6 new bounties worth almost 800 bars (minus tx fees) each. The six are the two parts to the proofs of three values of Ramsey numbers: R(3,5) = 14, R(3,6) = 18 and R(4,5) = 25. More specifically:

not_TwoRamseyProp_3_5_13 : TMcGK8KWhfaCkgZUqXFaa4wSTBr6oTf89PQ
TwoRamseyProp_3_5_14 : TMbShW7mSiehCqEg6gfAGZXGbBLt5TA2atT
not_TwoRamseyProp_3_6_17 : TMMeqRAd9xzG4jtxa9EUaL64uqRevdds6jW
TwoRamseyProp_3_6_18 : TMbJ1MogStdKCGN3J3j1hThprkcWjA8ggEB
not_TwoRamseyProp_4_5_24 : TMXaEY6oQ7QdVZuqvs3nB3u1a3PaeREqW4b
TwoRamseyProp_4_5_25 : TMaGCJ8SmUjESVqqhCFM894vFTpNfi7Zcbo

I checked by hand today and none of the bounties distributed since the reward bounty fund started have been collected so far.

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