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[BernoulliTrial] Again suppose Alice does not think the proposition P will be proven in the next year but Bob thinks it will. Suppose Bob creates a secret S which provably satisfies Q(S). For example, Q(x) could say the SHA256 hash of x is H and S could be a secret that has H as its SHA256 hash. Alice and Bob could put their 1000 bars into a 2000 bar bounty on the proposition 'P and exists x.Q(x)', again expiring in a year with Alice's address. Since only Bob knows the secret, only Bob can prove this theorem, and Bob can only prove the proposition using a proof of P (which may have been published by a third party). Again if P is not proven in time, Alice will 'win' the 2000 bars. But in this case, if P is proven in time, then Bob can easily prove 'P and exists x.Q(x)' and claim the 2000 bar bounty.

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