Airdrop to Dalilcoin Holders

by BlakeKeiller, Friday, July 30, 2021, 19:57 (128 days ago)

Proofgold is a fork of Dalilcoin with some important changes (removal of polymorphism, faster block times, etc.). A few months after Proofgold launched, my Dalilcoin node got stuck and no new blocks were being produced. As far as I know the network still hasn't produced a block in almost a year. In addition, the website has been gone for a while, so I think the network is probably defunct.

Since I'd like more participation in Proofgold, I decided to take some of the Proofgold bars I've staked over the past year and distribute them as an airdrop to addresses that held Dalilcoin fraenks in the last known Dalilcoin ledger state. (I had this information since I was running a node when it stopped producing blocks.)

There were a total of just over 70000 Dalilcoin fraenks in 1460 p2pkh and p2sh addresses. I wasn't willing to sacrifice 70000 Proofgold bars, so I divided each amount by 4 and airdropped that many Proofgold bars to the Proofgold address corresponding to the old Dalilcoin address. That's a total of just over 17500 bars airdropped by me today. The most common case was a p2pkh address holding 25 fraenks (from a staking reward). Now each of those has 6.25 bars from the airdrop.

If you held Dalilcoin and have not started running a Proofgold node, you can simply copy your old .dalilcoin/wallet file into your new .proofgold directory. If you are already running a Proofgold node, obviously DO NOT copy your old .dalilcoin/wallet file into your .proofgold directory since you will overwrite your current Proofgold wallet. For these cases I have written a new command "importwallet" that will be part of the next release (Proofgold Core 0.2.5). It can be used as follows:

importwallet /home/user/.dalilcoin/wallet

and will result in combining the current Proofgold wallet with the information in the Dalilcoin wallet. (It can also be used to combine two Proofgold wallets as well, of course.) Proofgold Core 0.2.5 should be released this weekend.

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