Mizar CNF Problems and Prover9 Proofs (1439 New Bounties)

by Brown, Monday, September 13, 2021, 19:00 (83 days ago) @ BlakeKeiller

I used reportbounties to get a list of all bounties to doublecheck the bounties are there. They are, but I noticed some problems had multiple 25 bar bounties. I now realize this happened because 18 of the 1439 problems are duplicates. To be specific 7 addresses correspond to 2 problems each and 1 address corresponds to 4 problems. I didn't think to check for this before, but it's only a few cases so I suppose it's not a huge deal. Essentially there are only 1429 problems. Here is a list of the 8 addresses with the multiple bounties and a list of the Mizar problems they were derived from.

TMZPAPyEPS2GSQjei1QuePMKCa7TyyrZ5LW: t6_cat_3 t7_cat_3
TMHf56pApyotpY8gCP4bupxVi8DUpVHhmci: t8_complex2 t9_complex2
TMYojCRLszJwjbrkaAkLcncph364s5kmzbJ: t80_transgeo t51_transgeo
TMXeAgzusRtUTzsYk3AdMwsBvZ8ctA1FsET: t48_transgeo t75_transgeo
TMRXVZNXJVHJmuCnpoyvfY5hUPG8PZ9cJLp: t49_sin_cos3 t47_sin_cos3
TMZUqc5UpZHn6b2goxw31ZE6HtEKzdh2EYb: t47_yellow_4 t20_yellow_4
TMQco5oyqUAmmJMfsUmVPeWQusKwbwovorW: t25_tex_4 t26_tex_4
TMJBwMsMMNr2Svj6GbTq3jFce1E7H9mqmuE: t42_tdlat_1 t43_tdlat_1 t39_tdlat_1 t40_tdlat_1

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