Proofgold Core 0.2.6 and the future of

by BlakeKeiller, Saturday, October 09, 2021, 15:58 (57 days ago)

Here is a relatively minor update:

It fixes a bug in the handling of Addr messages (passing around addresses of other peers) that made peer discovery more difficult. It also limits the "collectbounties" command to collecting up to 50 bounties at a time, so that it won't risk creating too large of a tx. (It can be run multiple times to collect more bounties in multiple transactions.)

I also deprecated all of the messaging commands (registerid, getid, pm, getmessages, etc.). It doesn't seem to have been used in a few months and based on some tests today it is not really working at all right now (due to a certificate issue). Since it never saw much use -- and I don't control the domain anymore anyway -- it doesn't seem worth fixing.

The domain registrar I used for closed earlier this year. Fortunately someone volunteered to have it transferred to them and they have pointed it to an IP address I've been using for hosting. This isn't a long term solution, and I think it's time to move past the initial phase of depending on using the domain for communication and peer discovery. People should think about setting up alternatives in the next two or three months (by the end of 2021).

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