Proofgold Launch

by BlakeKeiller, Monday, June 08, 2020, 17:44 (545 days ago) @ BlakeKeiller

The genesis block has been created.

Id: 146d68bb8ee74c7a777e4efae7534e5ed3250ff2c3122e654fc4232cfdae5423

The litecoin burn tx is here:

The genesis block differs from other blocks in that there is no proposition with a reward bounty. The propositions for a reward bounty are determined by the litecoin information from the previous burn. In the second block there will a reward bounty of 25 bars placed on the proposition determined by ltc block id 56972b04199858a85af0049a6a65df592f3569b22296e1a49b5ad9b66183fe57 and tx id 50666913e2d0cea954e8ec7beace8dc76fc4f0ee8814173deb4398e6d4eb18f5.

The proofgold command rewardbountyprop can be used to see this proposition already.

rewardbountyprop 56972b04199858a85af0049a6a65df592f3569b22296e1a49b5ad9b66183fe57 50666913e2d0cea954e8ec7beace8dc76fc4f0ee8814173deb4398e6d4eb18f5

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