Proofgold Core 0.2.7

by BlakeKeiller, Sunday, November 07, 2021, 10:22 (28 days ago) @ BlakeKeiller

Another thing that could (and should) be done is to remove the dependence on curl. Time is lost starting processes to use curl to request information (especially from the Litecoin node). Testing shows that directly using a socket in Proofgold to connect to the Litecoin node would be much faster (between 4 and 50 times faster, depending on assumptions). If I do this and consider it sufficiently tested, then I will release Proofgold Core 0.2.8 while is still up.

Keep in mind that could disappear at any time, as it is no longer under my control. While the update to 0.2.7 (or potentially 0.2.8) is not necessary, it is a good idea to at least download it while is still up.

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