Proofgold Core 0.2.8rc2

by Brown, Monday, November 15, 2021, 11:31 (20 days ago) @ BlakeKeiller

Regarding the database code, someone recently compared the Dbbasic implementation in Proofgold to using the OCaml DBM bindings. I'll pass on the results:

Writing 10000 entries:
Dbbasic: 208 seconds
DBM: 0.02 seconds

Reading 10000 entries:
Dbbasic: 0.821 seconds
DBM: 0.02 seconds

This is obviously a part of the code that really should be improved. Maybe the OCaml DBM bindings could be used directly. I haven't looked into this yet, but if I do I'll post more.

One other small thing:

The function disconnect_completely in iterates over netconns to close the sockets and then sets netconns to empty. I think it makes more sense to save the value of netconns in a temporary variable, then set netconns to empty and finally iterate over the old value to close the sockets. I suspect sometimes disconnect_completely has a problem closing the sockets and ends up with netconns set to phantom connections that are actually closed. In that case the node would believe it is connected although it isn't.

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