Mathematical Objects and Propositions as NFTs

by Brown, Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 16:45 (19 days ago) @ Brown

Here is how I used creategeneraltx to change the rights to the pure version of Kuratowski pairs:

...oh, the forum won't let me post this, so here is a pastebin link...

This creates a tx with two inputs and two outputs.

Input 1. A currency asset with assetid 6b49cf0883e7780cace1f0b26104e6be0d609bfdaad72b25861f377fb9ce2a22 at address PrJAVDEejoQs6DcrHtSrY3588KSmEKa2BLE (to cover the tx fee)

Input 2. The object ownership asset at address TMb5bYTnp5aBVkC96FMjStFstVWJdTknQLi (the address of the term for Kuratowski pairs) and asset id 7c114cb4fbcdbb5e15b6d1a0e429f5bb09d2290967e88d8a9f37e270bfa97eb4.

Output 1. 5.2016 bars of change back to PrJAVDEejoQs6DcrHtSrY3588KSmEKa2BLE.

Output 2. A new version of the ownership asset for Kuratowski pairs. This must go to the same address (TMb5bYTnp5aBVkC96FMjStFstVWJdTknQLi) and be an ownership object ("ownsobj") with objid (ed4cdd1284c274c310e985cad4b2fb03e63b825585748249d94045f2fa3c1f70). The new owner's address is the same address as before (which happened to be Pr6PcLD1ZFK7NER7E2CoDmtTrD5GEF7R1wq, one of my addresses). The fact the the new version has no explicit royalty fee policy means no one can use it. Giving a royalty fee policy of "0" means it is free to use.

It took a fair amount of effort to write the json version of this transaction by hand and I'm not showing several failed versions. Again, having a command to do this would simplify the process significantly.

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