Final Reward Bounty Fund Distribution

by BlakeKeiller, Thursday, December 02, 2021, 12:07 (3 days ago)

The reward bounty fund will end at Block 15000, probably February 2022. I have a plan for how to distribute the remaining funds as bounties and think it's best to make it public now.

There are 130 Ramsey problem conjectures that have no bounties placed on them yet. I will use most of the remaining bounty fund to place a bounty of (roughly) 500 bars.

Additionally I have randomly selected 1110 conjectures from the file distributed with Megalodon 1.8. I will place a bounty of (roughly) 25 bars on each of these.

Here is a file with more details:

I encourage people to download this file (along with anything else they want to keep), since (as I've mentioned before) I no longer control the domain domain and it could disappear at any time.

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