Running Litecoin for Proofgold

by Brown, Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 20:56 (530 days ago)

Someone pointed out the file does not list Litecoin under System Requirements. It should, since running a Litecoin node is necessary to run a Proofgold node.

The Litecoin node software is available at and can be run either as a daemon or with the qt interface ("bin/litecoind -daemon" or "bin/litecoin-qt"). The important thing is for Proofgold to be able to query the Litecoin node via rpc calls. The file explains what needs to be put into the litecoin.conf file for this to be possible:


The litecoin.conf file should be under .litecoin. If there isn't one you can create one and put it there. It's good to put it there before syncing litecoin, since by default txindex is 0 and changing it to 1 will require Litecoin to go through the blockchain again (but not download it again, of course).

In principle the Litecoin node could run on a different machine. In that case rpcallowip in litecoin.conf would need to be changed to the ip of the machine running Proofgold. I wouldn't recommend allowing strangers to make rpc calls to your Litecoin node though, since this would give them the ability to spend litecoins from your wallet. If your wallet is empty or it's someone you trust, it's probably fine.

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