Proofgold 0.1.4

by BlakeKeiller, Sunday, July 05, 2020, 13:17 (518 days ago)
edited by BlakeKeiller, Sunday, July 05, 2020, 13:20

A new version of Proofgold is available:

Here are the main changes:

There was a problem in the networking code that led to some threads for communicating with connected nodes not being killed when the connection ended. This might have been the cause of problems with threading people pointed out. It's fixed in the new version.

In addition, the database code was reworked so that the data is saved before the location of the data in the index file is saved. I suspect many cases of corrupted databases were caused by the index claiming the data is at a location in the data file even though the data did not finish being written (due to an interrupt of some kind).

The amount of inventory sent to new connections was increased. I suspect the previous low number was the reason transactions were having trouble propagating before.

The README file was updated to give information about Litecoin.

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