Proofgold 0.1.6

by BlakeKeiller, Sunday, July 26, 2020, 18:52 (497 days ago)

A new updated version is ready:

There are two main changes.

First, a number of new database key-value tables were added so that much less RAM is used by a node. This also has the effect of making building the block tree faster on startup (assuming the node is almost synced already).

Second, there is a new boolean configuration parameter "independentbootstrap." This only makes a difference for completely new nodes which have not done an initial sync. The original (recommended) procedure is followed when independentbootstrap is true. This populates the ltc related database tables by querying the Litecoin node, giving an outline of the Proofgold blockchain and then requesting the relevant Proofgold blocks from peers. If independentbootstrap is false (the default), then the initial database is populated by copying from a recent bootstrap database snapshot on the website. The reason that the default value is false is simply that it is much faster to copy the snapshot from By copying the snapshot, a Proofgold node can be running within an hour or so (assuming a Litecoin node is already synced and running). It is slower, but more decentralized, to set independentbootstrap to true, which can be done as follows:

./bin/proofgold -independentbootstrap

This only matters the first time a user runs proofgold.

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