Messaging with Proofgold

by Brown, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 10:23 (491 days ago)

I've indirectly heard that some people want to message me through proofgold, so I thought a post spelling out how to do it might be helpful. You don't need to run a full proofgold node to use the messaging commands.

First, download and compile the proofgold software. Information is in the README, but you can ignore anything to do with litecoin. You won't need to run litecoin.

When you start proofgold, give the -ltcoffline option:

proofgold -ltcoffline

You should be given a console that allows you to run commands.

Create an address. Since you aren't sync'd, the command newaddress won't work for this. Instead get a btc private key from somewhere (like and import it.

importbtcprivkey <btcprivkeyWIF>
Imported key for address <pfgaddr>

Register an id corresponding to this address:

registerid myusername <pfgaddr>

Assuming this works, you can then send me a private message with the pm command or pmfile command:

pm myusername Brown "message"
pmfile myusername Brown <pathtofile>

To check for replies, use getmessages:

getmessages myusername

By default getmessages finds all messages sent to you in the past week, but you can give a timestamp it can use as a starting point.

I don't check for messages everyday, so don't expect a quick reply.

Messages are end to end encrypted using the private keys corresponding to the registered addresses.

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