Proofgold 0.1.7

by BlakeKeiller, Saturday, August 08, 2020, 14:16 (484 days ago)

The new version (0.1.7) is ready. In addition to a few bug fixes (thanks to the bug reports from g02), there is a new boolean configuration parameter "fullnode". If it is true (the default), then the node does an extra check that the database has the full ledger before processing a block. This was added because I noticed I often needed to use "verifyfullledger" to check I had the full ledger and "reprocessblockchain" when I didn't.

I want to add some code to handle atomic swaps between litecoin and proofgold. There is already a command "createatomicswap" so that people can do atomic swaps manually. (Try "help createatomicswap" for more information.) But it will be more realistic to have atomic swaps happen automatically, with nodes sending out buy and sell offers. Some infrastructure for this was added, but most of the code still needs to be written and tested. It might be ready by the next release.

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