Proofgold Core 0.2.8 (stakers should/must update)

by BlakeKeiller, Saturday, November 20, 2021, 13:22 (15 days ago)

The new version is available:

There have been two changes since the previous release candidate.

1. I followed the advice to ignore the sigpipe signal.

2. I've debated for the past two days about what to say about this second change. I have some extra sanity checking code that I run and a few days ago it indicated that a tx in a block seemed invalid. After looking into why I found a bug. Fixing the bug is technically easy but requires a soft fork. I've decided to try to quickly fix the issue with a soft fork starting at Block 13500 (in about two weeks). If the majority of stakers do not update in the next week, I am likely to abort the soft fork to minimize the chance of splitting the chain. I prefer not to say what the problem is until the soft fork succeeds or fails to prevent potential attacks, but I will disclose it if someone asks. It's easy to figure out what happened by comparing the 0.2.8rc2 code to the 0.2.8 code anyway.

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