No Blocks in 2 Days?

by Brown, Saturday, August 29, 2020, 16:47 (463 days ago)

I just checked on my node and it seemed to have some sync problems. Looking at the explorer it looks like the last block was two days ago (August 27):
Block 2215 with id 4a65e5fd100d194770888035c996a9f70ac1d9547a5db7cd22cc0cf8c5c5d08e

Is something going wrong? I've looked in my debug.log file and saw some messages that say this:

"Refusing to stake since the coinstake tx would put too many assets in an address."

I'm looking into what this might mean. This message/my problem staking seems likely to be a problem local to me since my database got damaged apparently. But the fact that the explorer says there've been no blocks in 2 days is worrying. I'll post more if I can track down the issue.

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