Code Review (Phase 0)

by Brown, Friday, January 15, 2021, 19:12 (324 days ago) @ Brown

It was clear Phase 0 (config and version) would be relatively easy since there are no functions. About half the values in config were already described in the Qeditas documentation and could be ported over. I did find a few values in config that aren't used anywhere in the code (except maybe setconfig to reset the value), so those could be deprecated:

ltcnotifyport, ltcblockcheckpoint, maxburnrate, ordermatcher

lastcheckpoint is also unused, but I'm guessing this is there in case checkpoints start being used in the future.

Short text items (some ported from the Qeditas documentation) in lisp format is here"

I was going to include the text descriptions in this message, but there's a 5000 character limit. I could include them in two replies, but I'm not sure I should. People can just download the link.

We should be able to now move on to Phase 1 (zarithint and utils). These shouldn't be too difficult either. zarithint is basically just a wrapper for zarith.

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