Code Review (Phase 1)

by Brown, Saturday, January 16, 2021, 12:02 (323 days ago) @ Brown

I wrote descriptions for the Phase 1 items, the ones from the modules zarithint and utils, so now we can start at Phase 2. This process is tedious, so even though I made it through the first two phases in two days shouldn't lead anyone to believe the rest will go as quickly. Without help, the rest probably won't happen at all.

I also refined the things I called "values" before into four kinds of values: constants, refs, hash tables and (non-recursive) functions. Constants are the easiest to descrbie. Refs and hash tables record some state that gets updates, so these require more effort. Functions are the most common kind of value and were the ones I was thinking of in my previous post.

Here is the updated modules.lisp file with the refined values:

Here is the updated text file listing the phases, modules and items:

Here is an updated lisp file with descriptions of items from the modules in Phase 0 (config, version) and Phase1 (zarith, utils).

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