Code Review (Phase 1)

by BlakeKeiller, Sunday, January 17, 2021, 09:26 (322 days ago) @ Brown

I converted your lisp data into sql and made a basic web page so people can see the Proofgold Code 0.2.3 code annotated by your descriptions. Here are the four modules from your Phase 0 and Phase 1:


It's also possible to refer to a specific item:

There are four modules listed in Phase 2:


I'm considering trying to crowdsource the code review, probably via, giving out some BCH to people who look at an item, give a description and answer the basic questions (what exceptions are raised? is it tail recursive?). I can copy useful comments/answers/bug reports into sql entries so they'll be visible via the interface.

Of course, people can also join this forum and give comments and I will copy those over to sql entries as well. For people who don't mind giving their identity to github, they can also use the ai4reason github repo. I'll use comments/review/reports from there as long as I somehow end up getting access to them.

Are there any comments on this plan or the interface?

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